The world's most realistic robots as humans

 Humanoid robots as humans

A robot is a machine used to perform jobs automatically, which is controlled by a computer. That's it. That is the definition. Realistic means: representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life. You're on the PRO Robots channel and in this episode we present the most realistic robots from all over the world in one video. Robots as people, the latest humanoids, robots for home and work! Let's fly! 

 If you think today's robots can compete with a gymnast, you haven't seen what a gymnast can do. Robots can do a little light parkour and even the best still fall over regularly while doing so. I also think the Amica robot is on the right path, when it can walk it will be perfect. I like the grey skin and the non human direction, the robots that look like people are very freaky. 

 I see these robots being used as sexual partners will outweigh their ability to cook and clean, but when they can do everything they will make great companions . I would prefer a robot that is loyal to you like a dog, reliable as a secretary, dexterous as a maid or butler, and intelligent as a physician, or legal advisor or financial advisor. I could see me and my robot living a nice life together. 

 The ultimate challenge will be power management ,super computers and servo motors take up Tremendous amount of energy. The batteries will take 60% of the space 80% of the weight on the Machine, Servo units and gears wear and become sloppy within hours of operation duty. And if they were to do any real work thermal management will be another problem. The human body is an outrageously complex wonderfully built machine.