Secret place where Saddam was found in 2003

US troops showed about the secret place where Saddam Hussein hided himself and was captured in the town of Ad-Dawr, Iraq on 13 December 2003 by the United States military forces.
1. Various aerials Adwar 2. Aerial shot of farm area, ends up at area where Saddam was captured, shows soldiers surrounding 3. Wide of US soldiers in area where Saddam was found 4. UPSOUND (English) US soldier (unidentified) standing near spider hole and in front of hut: "Hey Joe, grab that rug off, now what you have is a Styrofoam block that looks like a rock. (soldiers uncover hole) That's the hole." 

 5. Zooms into hole 6. SOUNDBITE (English) US soldier, (unidentified): "He would sleep up here and if someone came, if he was alerted then he would run to the hole and sit down there, and hopefully stay camouflaged and he could stay down there for a long period of time. There was ventilation fan, a light, and area where he could lay down, yeah, there was a vent down there so he could get air." 

7. Photographer is going inside hole 8. Journalists standing beside hole (on right) and in front of farmhouse 9. Photographer gets out of hole, another climbs in 10. Inside spider hole where Saddam was found 11. Pan from Styrofoam block that covered hole to hole 12. Photographer struggles to get out of hole 13. Mid shot of mud hut, with kitchen, chairs and table covered with things 14. Close up of food 15. Farmhouse exterior with soldier outside, and another soldier walks inside 16. Soldier inside farmhouse, pans to bedding, where Saddam would have slept when not in the hole 

17. Box filled with things 18. Soldier inside farmhouse 19. Oranges in box 20. Wide of journalists surrounding Colonel James Hickey, whose 4th Infantry Division accompanied Special Forces on the raid. 21. SOUNDBITE (English) Colonel James Hickey, Commander 4th Infantry Division: (Question: Had you known for a long time that he was in the Tikrit area?) "There were times when we had enough information to say he was probably in our area, for some period of time. There were other times when we felt he was operating on the periphery of our area. So that estimate has changed and evolved over time." 

22. SOUNDBITE (English) Colonel James Hickey, Commander 4th Infantry Division: "The top of the underground facility if you will, spider hole, rat hole, you choose whatever words you want to use to describe it, has a small little lid on it, covered with earth that was removed. There was a man down there, we were about to clear that UGF, in the military way, and two hands appeared and the individual clearly wanted to surrender, that individual was removed from the hole and (turns to soldier) Bryan, what did the individual say when Saddam surrendered?" 

23. SOUNDBITE (English) Major Bryan Reed, US soldier: "Sir he said that I'm Saddam Hussein, I am the president of Iraq and I am willing to negotiate. And then the response from US soldiers was President Bush sends his regards. (Q: Sorry President Bush?) "President Bush sends his regards" (Q: He spoke English?) "He spoke English." 24. SOUNDBITE (English) Colonel James Hickey, Commander 4th Infantry Division: 25. Wide of Hickey and US soldiers 

26. SOUNDBITE (English) "Specialist Joe",1st Brigade, 4th Infantry: "We've been doing this for nine months so we are all extremely happy to be successful on this raid. It was normal raid for us, just a different target really." 27. SOUNDBITE (English) Sgt Daryll Saffeels, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry: "I think we expected a lot more resistance, especially how his two sons went out and everything went well, went according to plan and we came out victorious. But everybody was surprised how he was living, no one expected him to be living like that. It was pretty incredible." Tikrit 30. Aerial of Saddam's palace.