6 Golden Buzzer Auditions From AGT 2022

 Amazing 6 Golden Buzzer Auditions From AGT 2022

It's official, all 6 Golden Buzzers on America's Got Talent 2022 have now been awarded! Check out all of the winning auditions here and be sure to let us know which act you'd give your golden buzzer to them. With the first girl, it is REALLY hard to change octaves like that, she’s amazing! I can't imagine how incredible she'll be with more years or practice and training behind her. She blew me away. Made that song all her own instead of just a Billie carbon copy. 

I was happy to see Avery get a golden buzzer. He deserves it and him being on this show could be a life changing experience for him and his family. I had a feeling Terry was going to be the judge that gave Avery the golden buzzer. Terry played the flute when he was younger and he really relates to the contestants that play an instrument.

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